My name is Tom Mackay and I am The MadBiker and before I shall write anything else I shall answer the obvious question, why did I choose that name to call my online self?

When I informed those that knew me that I was giving up a well paid job, selling or giving away all of my worldly possessions, and leaving behind a comfortable lifestyle to travel the word on a bike, a lot of people told me that I was Mad!

I am originally from the city of Glasgow in Scotland and I have been been riding bikes continuously since the age of seventeen.

This website is primarily intended as a “One Stop Shop” for all of my online material such as my travel blog, my photographs, an interactive map of my journey, and links to websites that I have found to be useful, my Facebook and Instagram links can also be found at the bottom of my travel blog home page.

I have also included, and will continue to include, reviews of anything that I buy and use related to riding my bike on such a trip and these product reviews are solely aimed that those who also ride bikes.

I am not sponsored and I use my own money to pay for my RTW trip, therefore every item that I review, I have purchased with my own money and this means that all of my product reviews are totally free from any personal or commercial biases.

Any opinions and or views expressed by me in this website or my travel blog website have been formed through personal experience and are expressed with the sole intention of providing accurate information to other bikers about the places that I have ridden in and any riding gear or bike accessory that I buy and use during my trip.

I do not wish to offend anyone, intentionally or otherwise, however I am aware that some people are more easily offended than others, therefore if any of the contents of this website or the views expressed within are not to your liking, then please exercise your freedom of choice to go to another website that better suits your particular tastes.

If you have any suggestions as to what content could be added to improve this website please use the contact email address provided at the bottom of this page to provide them.